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More people trust Miss Hosting with their domains than anyone else.

FREE WHOIS Protection!

What does "Hidden Whois" mean?

Hidden WHOIS means we protect your identity online. Many other web hosting companies show your information completely open to anyone who wants to check who owns a domain. This is optional for all of our customers.

We have chosen to giving away WHOIS Protection for free as we consider your information not to be available to anyone who wants to check a domain owner.


New Domains Available!

The new top level domains are here, register them to protect your brand and business names!

  • .uk
  • .club
  • .xyz
  • .berlin
  • .nyc
  • .bio

Get extra with each domain name you buy!

Included in each domain

  • Email

    Create your new email-adress and forward it to your Gmail or Outlook account now to get a more professional feeling!
  • DNS-Editor

    Change your Name Server or DNS for each domain name you buy from Miss Hosting, it's included for free!
  • Support

    Our friendly helpful support staff is here to help you, even if you only buy a domain name, call or email us now!

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