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Microsoft Teams

Meetings, conversations and chats with your colleagues and customers wherever you are in the world!

Microsoft Teams are included in our Office 365 packages

With Microsoft Teams & Office 365, you can easily stay in touch with customers & colleagues wherever you are. With Microsoft Teams you can easily chat, email, audio call, video call and group meetings directly in the app! This app is also available for your Mobile, Tablet and PC.

Chat wherever you are

Chat easily with all your colleagues and employees.
You can also send GIF images, decals and emojis in group chat and
in private messages.

Have meetings wherever you are

Go directly from group chat to video conference with the push of a button.
You can be anywhere from 2 to 10,000 in the same call, no matter where
you are geographical.

Call wherever you are

Never wonder "who joined?" again. Use Video
or Voice calls to make conference calls less stressful.

Collaborate wherever you are

You never have to desperately look for files. In Teams you can
access, share, and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files
in real time.

Microsoft Teams is part of all our Office 365 Ultimate!

  • Office Package that includes Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Online Portal
  • Exchange Mail
  • Sync contacts / calendar with
    your colleagues
  • Sync contacts / calendar in everyone
    your devices
  • 1TB of secure storage per account

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