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Get your own private blog network (PBN)

Just What Is A PBN Network?

A Private Blogging Network is a collection of high-authority websites used to build backlinks to your money site(s). Receiving backlinks from authoritative sites is a strong ranking signal to Google and other search engines that your site matters (giving it more ranking power in the SERP)

It’s especially strong because you control the content on the sites, and therefore how and when you introduce links.

PBN Domains - How to select the right domains for your PBN?

The domains you are looking at will be fairly specific to your needs but among the thousands out there, how do you find the ones that will fit into your network? While you can buy domains from different niches as well, with a proper content twist, using domains in the same niche as your money site(s) will make the content strategy easier.

I’m interested and want to know more

PBN content -
Create a content plan

First things first, your newly acquired PBN site has backlinks (which makes it powerful). You want to make sure you don’t deviate too much from the original content. There are two main user cases here:

1. Keep the niche of the site
2. Re-theme your site

Treat the content on your PBN domains the same as your
money sites:

• Relevant content based on the previous content
• High quality texts that provide value to the reader

Generally, you should have five pages of static content, totaling 1750 words all with images and meta taggs. Split up the word count differently over the five pages to keep your footprint lowr own applications, modules and configurations just as you want it.

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